1 May 
31 October
Expo 2015
2,1 Milions 
of visitors
425.000 foreign visitors

The Pavillion at EXPO 2015 dedicated to Italian Wine

The Pavilion narrates and celebrates Italian wine and its terroirs, helping to explain and taste excellence Made in Italy, the outcome of 2500 years of history, culture, research and innovation.

The world of Italian wine, its history and its future are to be found where the cardo and decumanus meet: in the WINE Pavilion at Expo, set up by Vinitaly and the Ministry of Agriculture to a design by archistar Italo Rota.

A fascinating, interactive and multi-sensorial tour which unwinds over three floors: from the Domus Vini on the ground floor through to the terrace on the roof of the structure. Passing by way of the Wine Library on the first floor, an area for tasting great Italian wines - the result of passion and work, tradition and new technologies.

From ancient Enotria to the Wine Store of the future (there is even an App), wine speaks of Italy and its 544 native vines - a unique feature typical of Italian lands and traditions.

No other country in the world can boast such a strong and vital biodiversity, that has helped characterise a modus vivendi tracing its roots in the history of the peninsula across the centuries as well as defining the Italian Lifestyle known, appreciated (and unfortunately also imitated) all over the world.

Since London 1851, for the first time in the history of the Universal Exposition, an entire Pavilion will be dedicated to Italian Wine, highlighting that the story of life and food summed up in the slogan for Expo 2015 Milan - "Feeding the planet, energy for life" - also includes wine as an integral part of a balanced and internationally acknowledged dietary model.

Inside the Pavillion

Domus Vini: the home of wine narrating 2500 years of history

The ground floor of the WINE Pavilion is the location for Domus Vini, a 'home' tracing the history of Italian wine over a multi-sensory and informative path that is even suitable for children. Frescoes, mosaics and video projections: past, present and future in a sector characterised by high quality and exports by now totalling over 5 billion euros.

The Wine Library: 1400 labels for responsible tasting

The first floor of the Wine Pavilion is home to the Wine Library: 1400 Italian wine labels for responsible tastings assisted by sommeliers in a luxurious and elegant setting. This event involves regions, consortia and groups of wine-making companies from all over Italy.

The photogallery of Vino - A taste of Italy

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