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Vin.AI - How to Artificial Intelligence in the Wine Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among us. What some still perceive as a prospect or even as the subject of a sci-fi movie is, in fact, a significant element of our present reality and is transforming it at an exceptional pace. The wine industry is not exempt from this change: becoming aware of it and reacting constructively is a necessity that neither large nor small and medium-sized wineries can avoid.


That's why the wine2wine Business Forum is dedicating its eleventh edition to the universe of AI and its applications in the world of wine with a dual objective: to demystify AI with an in-depth focus on its key components and to provide practical insights on how to leverage it in one's own wine business.



Demystifying AI for wine professionals

Among wine professionals, it's common to feel intimidated by AI, partly due to its complexity and partly because, especially in the wine business, it’s a subject that requires further discussion. Through the 2024 program content, the wine2wine Business Forum aims to demystify AI by clarifying its fundamentals and highlighting its potential for the wine industry in every sphere. To facilitate the audience in choosing among the sessions and to make the content more accessible, a distinction is introduced between sessions with "basic" and "advanced" levels of depth.


Empowering wine professionals to approach AI

Alongside knowledge-based sessions, this year's wine2wine Business Forum is putting on workshops, panel discussions, and resources on the applications of AI to the wine industry to support professionals and companies of all sizes in their practical approach to such technologies. The 2024 Forum also proposes specific networking initiatives structured to connect wine professionals with AI experts, technology providers, and companies subject to case studies, fostering a supportive environment for learning and future collaboration.

Video Recap 2023

The new format 2024


Now in its eleventh edition, wine2wine Business Forum decided to review its approach: what aspects of our Forum can be improved?


What still works today and what needs updating?


What more can we offer to our valued participants?


From this starting point, which also considered the feedback gathered during past editions, an exciting new format for 2024 has been developed.


  • Fewer more targeted sessions: this year the program includes 8 knowledge-based sessions, all in the main Auditorium and without overlapping timetables, with international speakers selected from among the leading experts in the sector.


  • More structured networking: a substantial part of the 2024 activities will take the form of 80 hands-on workshops, held in small, limited-capacity rooms, designed to facilitate direct conversation and the development of meaningful relationships between participants.


  • More space for tastings: the 6 tasting sessions of the 2024 edition will host up to 150 people at a time and will explore significant trends and topics for the wine business together with internationally renowned sommeliers and experts.



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