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February 19 2024

Vinitaly 2024: exhibition objectives achieved. The exhibition brand promoting Italian wine further improves its International positioning Veronafiere-Ice Foreign Trade Agency have invested 3 million euros in a promotion plan and incoming campaign

Wine from all the Italian regions as well as more than 30 other countries will be on show at the 56th Vinitaly scheduled at Veronafiere next 14-17 April.

The Exhibition Centre is ready with a net show area of more than 180,000 square meters to become the international wine business forum with attendance already confirmed by 4,000 wineries.

January 12 2024

Wine: International promotion of Vinitaly sets off again in the Far-East Vinitaly Preview starts today in Seoul and Tokyo

The Far East is the first destination for Vinitaly Preview 2024, the international promotion programme of the flagship event for Italian wine which today gets underway in Seoul and then in Tokyo (Monday 15/01) to meet more than 100 sector operators and professionals.

November 16 2023

Wine: Vinitaly and 50 Italian winemakers will 15 target markets from south-east Europe in Belgrade

Aleksandar Vučić, President of the Republic of Serbia: "Our thanks go to Vinitaly - the largest wine fair in the world - for accompanying here some of the most renowned Italian producers."

Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere "South-east Europe is a promising area worth 320 million euros in exports for Italian wine, posting +20% in value in the first 7 months of the year. Vinitaly is a tool to strengthen positioning and promotion in the Balkans."

November 14 2023

“Wine Vision By Open Balkan” - the wine promotion mission of Vinitaly and Ice Trade Agency

16-19 November: buyers and opinion makers from Eastern Europe will meet in the "Italy Area"

November 13 2023

Vinitaly: joint promotion throughout 2024 in 15 Countries and 3 continents.

UIV-Vinitaly observatory: data confirm the need for a nationwide project

October 22 2023

Wine: system Italy teams up: debut for the Vinitaly USA 2024 project. The event underway in Chicago in partnership with the IWE is a decisive step

Zoppas (ICE): trade fairs are strategic for business matching

Bricolo (Veronafiere): long-term teamwork with institutions vital for success

Danese (Veronafiere): discussions already being held with importers for the 2024 edition

October 22 2023

Wine (Vinitaly-IWE): wine consumption in USA down by 7.5%. Italy (-3.2%) does better than average, poor performance for French (-14.5%) and US wines (-8.3%). US catering speaks Italian with 44% of imported wines. On-trade buyers in the forefront at IWE Chicago

Times are still difficult in the United States, even in terms of actual consumption, as the leading first country in the world for wine imports (7.3 billion dollars last year) and wine enthusiasts (with 4.5 billion bottles uncorked every year). The UIV-Vinitaly Observatory during the Vinitaly-International Wine Expo in Chicago (22-23 October) presented data analysis for sales in the "out of home" (on-trade) and large-scale distribution and retail (off-trade) covering the first 8 months of 2023. The trend gap in volumes consumed posted -7.5%, a result particularly arising from the difficulties encountered in off-trade (-8.3%) only partially offset by the result for catering and clubs (-2.1%).

October 19 2023

Wine: exhibition debut for Vinitaly in the USA. Appointment with iwe from 22 October in Chicago

Bricolo (Veronafiere): internationalization objective for our leading events.

Danese (Veronafiere): Italian wine leads the Midwest market with 42% of imports.

Mezzetta (Italian Expo): a dynamic market capable of appreciating Italian excellence.

October 2 2023

Wine: two new Vinitaly events in Chicago (October) and Belgrade (November). New partners and stronger impact for Italian wine on the international scenario

Things start off in the United States, with the International Wine Expo (IWE) in Chicago 22 & 23 October. It marks the début for collaboration between the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Italian Expo and Vinitaly. Then comes Serbia (Wine Vision by Open Balkan, in Belgrade 16-19 November) with Veronafiere directly involved in the organization of ''Italy Area'.

September 11 2023

Wine: Vinitaly inaugurated in China with road shows in 3 cities from today until 15 September. Evolving demand in China - quantity down but average prices up by 30%

The 6th edition of the Vinitaly China Roadshow was Inaugurated today in Beijing - the first event of the year specifically promoting Italian wine in the Chinese capital, also marking the launch of Veronafiere's international calendar.

September 8 2023

Wine: Vinitaly launches international promotion schedule with Road shows in China (11-15 September) and Wine South America (12-14 September)

The international promotion agenda for Italian wine around the world implemented by Veronafiere is ready to go - with China and South America leading the way in Vinitaly's internationalization plan embracing 15 target markets from now until March 2024.

August 2 2023

Wine (UIV-Vinitaly Observatory) | Italy: towards a recovery on top international markets. Flat volumes (-0.2%) and values (+1.3%) through modern retail distribution in USA, UK and Germany

Sales of Italian wine on the shelves of large-scale distribution and retail chains on the top three world markets made a recovery in the first half of this year.

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