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March 15 2023

Vinitaly 2023 unprecedented incoming campaign. More than 1000 top buyers from 68 Countries: +43% Over 2022

Comebacks from Asia with China and Japan. Record attendance from Usa, Canada and China. South America and Northern Europe fully covered. Vinitaly: a smarter and more business-oriented format.

March 14 2023

Wine (Uiv-Ismea-Vinitaly Observatory): record value for wine exports in 2022 (+9.8%, 7.9 Billion Euros) But Stagnant Volumes (-0.6%)

The market withstood increased costs but slowed down at year end. Difficult dynamics in 2023

-        The USA (+10%) leads the way in terms of value, ahead of Germany (+5%) and the UK (+10%). Exploit in France (+25%)

-        Volumes down on the top 3 markets (-4%)

-        Higher costs caused average prices to soar (+11%) but also eroded business margins

-        Growth slowed down: in the last quarter by +4.8% in value and -3.2% in volume

-        Sparkling wines continue to do well (+6% volume), while entry level still reds are suffering. Premium reds performing well

March 7 2023

Vinitaly & Wine: wine passion buzzing in Verona with Vinitaly And The City

31 March- 3 April: off-show wine tastings, masterclasses, talk shows and events

March 2 2023

Vinitaly 2023: 2-5 April - Fully booked with a focus on business

Bricolo (President of Veronafiere): mapping of new top buyers defined

Danese (Managing Director of Veronafiere): Asia back in force with China and Japan in the forefront; excellent coverage in North America and Northern Europe

February 24 2023

Vinitaly & Wine: global roadshow closes in Seoul. Italian lifestyle paradigm for expanding Italian wine sales in South Korea

Bricolo (President of Veronafiere): we have upgraded our presence on the main target markets. Exceptional incoming campaign even in terms of investment. We are now looking at Vinitaly and its development.

February 21 2023

Vinitaly & Wine: Italy accelerates in Japan, growing at twice the average (+18.4%) but united promotion is vital

February 21 2023

Wine: the Vinitaly Roadshow closes in Asia: Japan (21 February) & South Korea (23 February) are the final stages in collaboration with Italian Embassies and Ice-Italian Trade Agency

February 13 2023

Vinitaly & Wine: Austria now followed by stop-offs in the USA and Denmark On its travels: the Vinitaly & Italian wine internationalization roadshow

September 21 2022

Wine - Veronafiere: two business events underway in Brazil and Bhina the Wine South America show gets going today, followed by the special edition of Wine to Asia on saturday

Verona, 21 September 2022 - Two business events in the wine world "speak Italian" thanks to Veronafiere, with the collaboration of the ICE Trade Agency. As of today and until 23 September, the Bento Goncalves Exhibition Centre (Brazil) is home to the third edition of Wine South America - followed on 24 September by at the special edition of Wine to Asia organized in Guangzhou.

April 13 2022

Vinitaly: wine and mixology: everthing's possible! New cocktails based on wine and grappa are more popular than ever - Boom debut at Vinitaly

April 13 2022

Vinitaly: solidarity tastings for families and refugees from Ukraine

April 13 2022

At Vinitaly 2022 debut for the fourth colour of wine with the Orange Wine Festival

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