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September 11 2023

Wine: Vinitaly inaugurated in China with road shows in 3 cities from today until 15 September. Evolving demand in China - quantity down but average prices up by 30%

The 6th edition of the Vinitaly China Roadshow was Inaugurated today in Beijing - the first event of the year specifically promoting Italian wine in the Chinese capital, also marking the launch of Veronafiere's international calendar.

September 8 2023

Wine: Vinitaly launches international promotion schedule with Road shows in China (11-15 September) and Wine South America (12-14 September)

The international promotion agenda for Italian wine around the world implemented by Veronafiere is ready to go - with China and South America leading the way in Vinitaly's internationalization plan embracing 15 target markets from now until March 2024.

August 2 2023

Wine (UIV-Vinitaly Observatory) | Italy: towards a recovery on top international markets. Flat volumes (-0.2%) and values (+1.3%) through modern retail distribution in USA, UK and Germany

Sales of Italian wine on the shelves of large-scale distribution and retail chains on the top three world markets made a recovery in the first half of this year.

July 31 2023

Wine & promotion: Vinitaly on the road again in 15 key Countries

The international trade fair calendar for the second half of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024 has been defined. Recruitment of top buyers in target markets is underway.

May 11 2023

Vinitaly & Wine - Wine To Asia: debut with the largest Italian Pavilion ever set up in China

The Greater Bay Area Wine Week also starts today until 17 May, the first off-show wine event scheduled in 7 different cities

April 5 2023

An "all systems go" Vinitaly closes its doors. One buyer in three from abroad

Superb attendance from Usa (+45%) and Asia (+116%) matched by growth for all Countries

Bricolo (President): a global perspective. We can now develop events with strong roots in the Usa and Far East

Danese (Managing Director): Launch of a new approach. Vinitaly set to grow even more

April 4 2023

Uiv-Vinitaly Observatory: crisis for red wine? Not in the premium segment: + 200% since 2010

A decade that reversed trends to see high-end reds overtake popular and basic wines for the first time.

Danese (Managing Director, Veronafiere): now for a busy programme in China.

April 4 2023

Vinitaly sets sail in July on board Amerigo Vespucci to promote Italian wine around the world

The announcement was made by the Minister of Defence, Guido Crosetto, today at Veronafiere.

April 3 2023

50 Years of the "Angelo Betti Award for merit in wine-growing"

Special medal presented during the inauguration ceremony to grand-daughter Maria Neve Betti 

April 3 2023

55th Vinitaly: premier Giorgia Meloni at Veronafiere: "The Government is committed to supporting the wine sector in its blend of tradition and modernity"

"It is our interest and duty to support this world and the Government is also committed to helping young people and generational turnover." So said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaking of the wine sector, opening the second day of the 55th Vinitaly, the international exhibition of wines and spirits, scheduled at Veronafiere until 5 April.

April 2 2023

Wine (UIV-Vinitaly Observatory): vineyard Italy – an asset worth 56 billion euros

Average hectare worth 4 times more than agricultural land. 51% of vineyards located in hillside and mountain areas

April 2 2023

55th Vinitaly underway: institutions crown Verona capital of the Italian wine system

The inaugural day was attended by Lorenzo Fontana, Speaker of the Chamber, and representatives of five ministries: Lollobrigida (Agriculture), Sangiuliano (Culture), Tajani (Foreign Affairs), Salvini (Infrastructure) and Schillaci (Health). Vinitaly: guiding role as the preferential venue for everyone involved in promoting Italian wine on international markets.

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