Ticketing Vinitaly and the City

Ticketing Vinitaly and the City

Purchase a tasting voucher booklet online, save money and skip the queue!

The Vinitaly and the City Tasting Voucher Booklet can be purchased (subject to availability) online for €16.50 (+ commission costs) or during the event through the ticket offices in Piazza dei Signori at a cost of €20. 


The Tasting Voucher Booklet can be purchased at €16.50 online until the day before the event. The online sales service ends Thursday 11 April.


The purchase of Tasting Carnets is permitted only to adults.

Carnet token online € 16,50

A commission + pre-sale fee of €1.50 is applied to online purchases

Wine glass

with neck glass holder

4 tasting token

For wine or mixology tastings at Vinitaly and the City stands in Piazza dei Signori, Cortile Mercato Vecchio, Cortile del Tribunale and Torre dei Lamberti.

1 experience token

Valid for free admissions or discounts for special initiatives during event days More info coming soon!

Access to event lounges

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