Vinitaly Haute Cuisine

Prestigious pairings, interpretations of Italian dishes by the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, exciting show cooking with the Italian Federation of Chefs, street-food style culinary excellence and a selection of dishes dedicated to country life in Italy.


The Great Cuisine of Vinitaly 2024 is served!

Ristorante d’Arte and d'Autore

Italian Haute Cuisine at Vinitaly 2024 and its bonds with Italian wine of excellence.

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Goloso Restaurant Sol & Agrifood in collaborazione con FIC

Quality catering is the flagship of Sol&Agrifood

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Speedy Goloso

For those in a hurry yet still looking for quality culinary ideas

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AgriBio Bistrot

The appointment with fine Italian cuisine at Enolitech

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Self-service d’Autore

A quick lunch break designed for everyone keen to optimize their visits to Vinitaly combining quality, style and elegance

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Street Food Gourmet

Food trucks of different kinds will present their own ideas of cooking

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Food Park

A large experiential area that this year places the accent on territorial excellence

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