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12 November 2020

Webinar Vinitaly "Chinese Wine Market: the new normal"

What are the prospects for wine in China? How will the market move and how will consumption change? How can wine be communicated? These questions must refer to the "new normal" in China in the wake of the far-reaching changes that late 2019-early 2020 impacted not only the Asian giant but progressively also the rest of the world.

Vinitaly has its own operations base in Shanghai that monitors the entire country and will look into “The wine market in China” during a webinar scheduled on Tuesday 17 November at 10:30 a.m. (Italian time).

China still ranks fifth in the world for wine consumption by volume, behind the United States, France, Italy and Germany. Italy's market share is around 7% with excellent margins for improvement.
The webinar aims to provide in-depth analysis to help illustrate how wine consumption has changed, who the new consumers are and the online & offline sales channels. The mixology trend will be discussed as a possible driving force for wine consumption, which today stands at around 1.2 litres per capita in China compared to 37 litres per capita in Italy.
Industry and communication experts will seek to provide a better understanding of consumption developments in China by investigating scenarios, prospects and solutions for tackling the recovery and consolidating the presence of Italian wine in the country of the Great Wall, perhaps even by optimizing training, marketing and trading channels (including on-line).
"Chinese consumers, especially those born in the second half of the nineteen-nineties, are beginning to link wine with territories and producers and no longer merely with labels and packaging," explained Simone Incontro, manager of Veronafiere Asia and moderator of the webinar scheduled for 17 November.
Wine consequently has great potential for growth and Italian wine has even more aces to play thanks to the variety of native vines and the values embodied by Made in Italy products: from culture to design, fashion and lifestyle. In addition, Chinese media and especially Chinese social media channels play a strategic role when they offer pairings with the many different local cuisines."
Veronafiere has activated a scouting network to find figures who could well be decisive for the success of Italian wine in China: sommeliers, educators and trainers in the sector, as well as importers and distributors, in order to help Italian wine spread to first and second tier cities and thereby reach an audience of hundreds of millions of consumers."

The webinar will be attended by Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere; Simone Incontro, general manager of Veronafiere Asia; Leon Liang, managing director and wine instructor of Grapea & Co.; Alan Hung, managing director of Shenzhen Pacco Communication; Cynthia Yang, Vice President of Sunlon, JD.com Group; Jim Boyce, founder of Grape Wall; Julie Tu, key opinion leader (Kol) and founder of the Miss Gouben social media platform.