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24 September 2021

A glimpse on Ukranian consumptions

By Drinks+

Over the time of the pandemic, the drinking habits of Ukrainians have changed. Particularly sensitive to all fluctuations was the sphere of retail, which experienced various episodes of "pandemic" behavior: mass buying of certain groups of goods, temporary closure of outlets and eventually a change in the structure and mode of consumption of goods and services. First of all, the epidemiological situation has affected the growth of online commerce and the rapid development of delivery services.

Secondly, the current trend in consumer behavior indicates a decrease in alcohol consumption. According to the Deloitte research, 66% of Ukrainians said that with the beginning of quarantine they began to spend less on alcohol. The influence of the brand on the choice of goods in this category is perhaps the most significant - 70% of respondents said that they prefer specific brands. Among the favorite alcoholic beverages of Ukrainians - beer (48%), wine (43%), and cognac (35%).

The share of imported beer in Ukraine is very small – around 2% of the total market. The main countries from which beer is transported are Belgium and Mexico, 32% and 20% respectively. In third place - Germany - 17% of total imports. As for varieties, in Ukraine, most consumers drink light lager.

Interestingly, sweet wines in Ukraine are still preferred over dry ones. At the closed B2B tasting of 13 Asti DOCG organized by Drinks+, Yehor Belov, Chief Sommelier of the hotel InterContinental Kyiv, noted:

“Asti is a very understandable drink for the Ukrainian consumer, I have been working with guests for many years, and sweet wines in Ukraine still hold the lead over dry ones. Therefore, sweetness, incredible fruity aroma, wonderful pearl, and a small percentage of alcohol - all this converges into one big plus for the Ukrainian market.”

Another world trend reflected in the Ukrainian society is support and promotion of domestic producers. Ukrainians prefer to purchase domestic alcohol products; they are the most popular. 25% of Ukrainians said they buy more domestic products, even if they are more expensive.

Moreover, Ukrainian alcoholic beverages are highly appreciated in the world. This year wines from the author's premium collections Grand Admiral and El Capitan won recognition of international wine experts of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021. Wines of 46 Parallel Wine Group gained golden and silver medals. Besides, two of its wines were tasted by Jancis Robinson, whose adherence to principles and competence no one doubts. Her score is 15.5 and 16 points out of 20. Following that, Cordial “Cherry Home” of a young Ukrainian brand “Honey Badger” was awarded a bronze medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London.

More and more craft alcohol makers have been entering the Ukrainian market. The high demand for craft drinks in Ukraine can be explained by the manufacturer's attention to the exclusivity of the drink itself, its taste, and the origin of all the ingredients for its manufacture. Such drinks satisfy the consumer's demand for premium quality, uniqueness, and local production at a reasonable price.



Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash