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VIA Seminar: “Vini Santi”: an Italian heritage

Monday, April 16, 2018
3:00 PM 5:30 PM
wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (1st Floor)
Organized by Vinitaly International Academy

The almost mystical name of “Vino Santo” (literally “Holy Wine”), pinpoints the most famous variety of “vino passito”. From Tuscany to Trentino, these wines tell us the story of an enological tradition covering most of the Italian territory. A tradition that —through the magical process of drying— manages to intertwine both material and intangible customs.

 This tasting will be the perfect chance to discover the nature of various “Vini Santi” from different regions. Vini that —behind the facade of a common name— hide mixed characteristics tied to the cultural, varietal, and of terroir diversity unique to the Belpaese.


To participate to this tasting you will have to register here. To avoid the cancellation of your booking, registered users should arrive 10 mins before the beginning of the tasting.

Event's speakers

Henry Davar, Italian Wine Expert