La parola alle aziende06 April 2017

Vinitaly 2017, it is time to taste the Selvarossa 2013 produced with dried grapes

The 51st edition of Vinitaly is near. Verona is ready to welcome enthusiasts, fans, producers, technicians and caterers, from 9 to 12 April. In the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition there will be news from around all over the world. The simply word "Vinitaly" would be enough to not have doubts or hesitations. The four exhibition days in Verona did not need neither presentations neither reasons for being there. If you just need an incentive to get yourself kidnapped by the charm of Verona, except the Arena and Juliet's balcony , at Vinitaly Cantine Due Palme will propose very important news. Two new products will be reveal: Priamo, first Nero di Troia made by Cantine Due Palme and Seraia made from Malvasia Nera’s grapes. This isn’t over ... the 51st edition of Vinitaly will give you the chance to taste the Selvarossa 2013, an extraordinary year, obtained by grapes drying technique. Ok, Let's take a step back. What is this drying technique? We try to explain it in an easy and understandable way, let you breathe the charm of an intriguing method and meticulous work, which is often defined "second harvest". The grapes are thinning and selected at the end of July, and only the best brunches leaving ON THE TREE, with grapes that are not too close each other, so the air can circulate easily. Then we wait the full maturation in the beginning of September and only in that moment start the Second Harvest, in which the grapes, cut finely, they are disposed one layer at a time in the plateaux (plastic boxes). The next step consists in carrying grapes in controlled temperature rooms, between 15-18°. What happens there is what we call the real drying process, a dehumidifier reduces by 30% the amount of water inside the grape, with subsequent concentration of sugar and exaltation of "perfumes", the grape change into “raisin”. It’s what we eat in the Panettone. Losing the water, Babo degree (grams of sugar in grams of must) settles around 30°. The grapes obtained is concentrate in sugar and it is putting on skins to steep. The last step is to leave the grapes in drying room for about two months. Cantine Due Palme has two drying thermos-conditioned rooms: one is 400 m² and the other one is 600 m². So, this trip in the drying technique ends with Selvarossa, that you can taste at Vinitaly 2017, from 9 to 12 April. Where? Hall 11, Stand D2. You cannot make mistakes!