La parola alle aziende16 February 2017

The wines of the winery is “dress” as a Super Hero: H.Heroes are born!For this occasion, we organized a Carnival Party not to be missed..Discover the event and show us your Super Hero dress!

Two labels hand-drawn by an artist, Francesca Cavallari, a name recognition in the group of authors of, a famous online newspaper, and a multitasking girl to which has been given the task to contaminate the wine world with new messages and ideas that today, for this edition, arriving from the “comic” world. “With great enthusiasm I agreed to carry out the restyling of the label. I imagined something innovative, humorous and easy to read that it had a strong appeal. Comic book characters, timeless heroes and still favorite by the public inspired me- says Francesca Cavallari, content manager &illustrator. In this small labels, I tried to include clear messages that create emotions and curiosity for those who, once saw the wine on the shelf, brought it home. A wine to watch and to taste while dining with friends and parents, with a simple memorable image that inspire strength and sympathy. The Pizzolato winery is becoming increasingly international popular for both the high quality of its organic wine and the attention to trends and business needs focused on research and wine label design. Aspects that have led me to work with a lot of pleasure with this winery.” H.HERO ROSSO & H.HERO BIANCO are two organic wine born form the idea of makeover of the old product line “Vacanziere”; two table wines, a red wine and a white wine. 100% wines certified as organic, they are the result of focused attention to ecosystem protection and to low environmental impact productions; philosophy that the winery achieve proudly since 1991. H.HERO ROSSO derives from organic grapes of Merlot and H.HERO BIANCO derives from organic grapes of Chardonnay 100%. Today they’re with a new look, catchy and with drawings comedic style; which are the perfect marriage between the hero and the everyday life of a gesture that make them instantly “normal”, young and trendy. The new labels want to represent the hero you want to be or who personify every day at work, in the office or outside the home, with ourselves or with others.