La parola alle aziende04 April 2017


The boutique winery Montonale of Desenzano del Garda will be in Verona with its new wines, the renewed image and a tasty wine&food pairing. Debut in Verona for Montonale, the winery owned by Claudio, Roberto and Valentino Girelli, which presents at Vinitaly (Palaexpo Lombardy, Lugana area, C11) the full range of their wines. Fourth generation of winemakers, the Girelli's idea of Lugana wine is focused on its strong identity and long ageing potential, with wines that are able to evolve over time by offering meaningful and unexpected sensory profiles. This become clearer with the taste of their Montunal, and even more in the single-vineyard Orestilla. Try to their stand even the rosè Rosa di Notte, Chiaretto Garda Classico, which has already attracted the interest of the trade at ProWein. The rosè Chiaretto is experiencing a new season of success with increased sales mainly in the US. The newly introduced red wines La Venga, Marzemino and Barbera in a very easy-drinking wine, and La Conta, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, made from grapes harvested in the first vineyard of Montonale: it was planted in the early twentieth century by the great-grandfather Francesco Girelli. At the booth, the Lugana will be proposed with a taste of Lake Garda's Pike on grilled polenta, two local dishes that transmit the link with the territory and enhance the "gastronomic" attitude of Montunal and Orestilla. Montonale arrives at the fair with an innovative packaging restyling, minimalist and distictive. The pictogram on the label is intriguing: it is inspired by the golden ratio and is a graphic sign that expresses the desire for continuous improvement of the company. All wines are available in selected wine shops and directly in the winery located in the small village of Montonale in Desenzano del Garda, and "green" building with rice straw walls and photovoltaic, surrounded by its own vineyards.