La parola alle aziende10 April 2017


5StarWines THE BOOK 2017, the new issue for Vinitaly by Veronafiere, has selected the Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG 2016 Duchessa Lia and included it in the guide with the wines awarded with a score of at least 90 out of 100. The Duchessa Lia one is also the only Brachetto d’Acqui in the guide. This aromatic sparkling wine is one of the flagship products of the Langhe winery. Light and pleasant, with a low alcoholic content, sweet and fruity and fragrant, the Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Duchessa Lia is produced in Piedmont following the specific rules of the Consortium for Protection and Production Regulations. The acknowledgement by the Jury of the 2017 5StarsWines Guide, led by Ian D’Agata and made up from internationally recognised experts with specific geographical knowledge, confirms the excellence of this wine which because of its characteristics; it is synonymous with conviviality, ideal for appetisers and for a toast at the end of the meal, for romantic evenings and formal encounters. 5StarWines THE BOOK awards the efforts of wineries which invest in the constant quality enhancement of their products. The guide, which is issued nationally and internationally, is thus an excellent way to introduce the best Italian wines to experts and field workers on foreign markets as well. Characteristics of the Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Duchessa Lia: Vine: Brachetto Perlage: fine and persistent Colour: red, quite intense Bouquet: pleasant scent of violet, geranium and fresh fruit Taste: sweet, fruity and fresh, harmonious, with the right sourness Alcoholic content: 6,5% Vol Matchings: sparkly wine for desserts, good with wild berries, filled peaches, soft almond biscuits, fruit pies, pastries. Also perfect by itself as an aperitif, it is a versatile base for cocktails. Serving temperature: 8° - 10° C The Duchessa Lia wines are born at the heart of Piedmont from selected grapes: quality light wines which preserve in each glass the passion of the winery, a respectful and innovative interpreter of Piedmont winemaking, for these lands. The Duchessa Lia winemaking company was founded in Asti in the middle of the Seventies by the Piccinino family, who dedicated the label of their beloved wines to a girl named Lia, who was known in the whole village as the “Duchessa” because of her noble appearance and haughty bearing. They hoped that drinking those wines would have left people with a lasting memory such as the one of the “Duchessa” Lia. At the end of the Nineties the company was acquired by the Capetta family, who moved the headquarters to Santo Stefano Belbo and focused its production on typical Piedmont wines and sparkly wines. After a few years Duchessa Lia had become an Italian leader in Piedmont winemaking, a success which stems from a label founded on three simple values: • that their wines need to always respect the characteristics of the wine variety they come from; • that they must have the best price possible in relation with the quality offered; • that they must be easy to find on the market. So, harvest by harvest was born an excellent range of the most traditional Piedmont DOC and DOCG wines, ideal every day as well as during special occasions. This is a brand which was born from the effort of a family of winemakers who for generations have been working hard to ensure the pleasure of bringing to the dining table some quality wines decorated with the effigy of Duchessa Lia.