La parola alle aziende09 April 2017


Vittorio Moretti's new group lineup is premiering at the Verona exhibition, with 6 wineries in 3 top wine areas and total vineyard acreage of 1,084 hectares. The numbers propel the Group to fourth position in the rankings of Italian wine groups, just behind Antinori, Zonin and Frescobaldi. Franciacorta, Tuscany and Sardinia are the terroirs where the group is currently operating with an overall turnover of 65 million euro against an annual production of 9.6 million bottles. To convey all of that at Vinitaly, a very simple and straightforward concept was developed involving a green inspiration, while reasserting the Group's original values of 1977, the year when Bellavista, the first winery and the model for all new initiatives, was established. The 300 square meters in Hall 7 illustrate the garden theme. “Each of our wineries is still managed as if it was a garden, with a soil-based apportionment of the land in order to build each brand's identity more effectively, while entrusting the human element with the role of interpreting the true ispiration of each winery and each wine ”, says Francesca Moretti, CEO of the distribution company formed by the Group in 2016 and representing a number of extremely prestigious Italian wineries such as Elvio Cogno and Cascina Eugenia 1641, founded by celebrated design entrepreneur Alberto Alessi on Lake Orta (Novara) and exhibiting for the first time at Vinitaly this year at the Terra Moretti stand. “This year, our booth will only feature green solutions, says Moretti. From walls to furniture, everything was devised to recreate the sense of harmony we feel when we walk in the vineyards”. Designed with the assistance of La Spezia-based Costagroup, the time-honoured Italian design brand for the Food and Hospitality industry, the stand has a wooden structure, shaped piece by piece in a Franciacorta craftsman's workshop, and entirely covered by a living vertical lawn of heat-resistant plant varieties. None of this will be wasted: the green (100 sqm), grown by Valle dei Fiori, from Mantua (also the supplier of all the vertical greens at Expo Italy), will be bedded out in one of the Tuscan estates, while the imposing tree bark bar counter will become part of the regular setup of the WineBars the Group is opening all over the world. The interiors are also inspired by nature and were made by Terra Moretti's Tuscan partner Ethimo, a leader in the production of environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture. “They all are valuable partners, concluded Francesca Moretti. Once again, this confirms how profoundly we believe in environmental protection. Green thinking is not just another fashionable trend to us; it's a lifestyle we fully endorse, and, assisted by our trusted consultants, it is leading us to convert all our vineyards to organic farming. This decision calls for massive investments and a farsighted vision, but we are sure that it will make a difference in the glass, too”.