La parola alle aziende28 March 2017

New goals for Tenuta TravaglinoPalaexpo Lombardia Stand A4

Cristina Cerri Comi represents the 5th generation of the family that has led the Tenuta Travaglino since 1868.Three years ago she took the reins, bringing her own unique vision and strategic choices and actions designed to impact her cellar and its wines.Carving out a new path on a foundation of history, tradition, and wine knowledge. The collaboration with the winemaker Donato Lanati and his Enosis Meraviglia Wine Research Centre is just one such step.A partnership designed to create momentum, introducing a scientific method which involves the analysis of vineyard, grape and wine, from the inspection of the entire winemaking supply chain, to fine tuning the wine itself, to training the staff working in the vineyard and cellar. Donato Lanati himself states that "Quality is created on the back on knowledge, providing confidence for the cellar, and, most of all, for the consumer". Exciting news, even for customers who are only just getting to know and appreciate the charm of wine. Tenuta Travaglino will be presenting their latest creation at the Vinitaly preview: Lunano, an immediate, fresh and fragrant, convivial wine.(According to PwC research, Millennials are increasingly inclined to consume wine in group situations: 62% prefers sharing wine at home) Its main characteristics: A blend of grapes from a single vineyard–the eponymous Lunano–made up of Pinot Gris, Muscat, Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The calcareous soils of the Vigna LUNANO vineyard, South-East exposure, 240 m above sea level on the hills of Calvignano, bring a freshness and aromatic quality to this wine, the result of a balanced blend that enhances the characteristics of each hand-picked grape, a harmony of complexity. A very pleasant, very drinkable, fresh and persistent aromatic wine. To be served between 8-10° C, great versatility in terms of pairings, excellent as an aperitif, but also with fish, particularly served raw. The new path being beaten by Tenuta Travaglino is also visible in the restyling of the labels for the whole range, from the Classic Method sparkling wine to the Pinot noir, from the Riesling to the Pinot Grigio and the Bonarda. A new vocabulary, empathetic and clean, in which an iconic element–the coat of arms–contrasts with legible, easily decipherable lettering.