La parola alle aziende09 March 2017

GANCIA, GUEST STAR AT VINITALY 2017Gancia is back at the famous wine fair in Verona in its renewed profile as part of Roust Group. At Vinitaly the brand will present its complete portfolio and the company new image, modern and captivating.Hall 10 - Stand B2

A comeback bound to impress that of Gancia, at the 51th edition of Vinitaly, (from the 9th to the 12th of April 2017). After 5 years the company from Canelli will attend the fair with a renewed image, expressing innovation and contemporaneity. After the M&A with the Roust group the Asti-headquartered firm, whose more than 150 year-old values are bounded to the first Italian Classic Method, presents itself to the public of Vinitaly with a new image and a far-reaching vision which only a great, successful multinational company can have. Every single detail of the 204sqm-stand in the Hall 10 stand B2 will talk about Gancia new story. The stand wants to be a creative interpretation of the concept of “open space”: luminous, elegant and refined, it will perfectly host both of the personalities of the two in a unique, functional and harmonious space. Gancia sparkling wines and aperitifs on the one side, spirits – the Russian Standard Vodka in particular – on the other. Indeed, the real star of the event will be the product portfolio, which will feature many innovations concerning both the item selection and the packaging. The agenda will be ‘sparkling’ too: there will be tastings and educational moments about sparkling wines and aperitifs, guided by oenologists, and cocktail building moments with great barmen and bartenders. An appointment not to be missed! Take note on your agenda: Verona, April 9th – 12th, Hall 10 Stand B2. *** GUEST STARS AT VINITALY 2017 SPARKLING WINES: the Piedmont sparkling-wine company the first to produce Classic Method sparkling wines in Italy, will bring at Vinitaly its iconic products, linking the charme of the brand history with the contemporaneity of its personality. The selection of Classic Methods will include the Alta Langa Docg Riserva 60 months and Alta Langa Docg 36 months, as well as the great classics such as Metodo Classico 18 months Brut and Rosé, and Asti 24 months, which is a unique product, made from the best Moscato grapes selected in the heart of Asti; to conclude with Pinot di Pinot, a light sparkling wine, fresh and versatile, whose new Special Edition packaging and label, perfectly represents the choice of a young and dynamic consumer. VERMOUTH GANCIA: it is a product with a long and strong historical tradition, which however has perfectly adapted to the new trends of international mixology. Gancia Vermouth, the White, the Red and the Extra Dry can enhance all drink’s aromatic features and shades, for a more intense tasting experience. RUSSIAN STANDARD VODKA: is the authentic Russian premium vodka, which is a reference point in its native country. It is loyal to the Dmitri Mendeleev’s formula and thanks to the best Russian ingredients, Russian Standard Original reaches a perfect balance between softness and the authentic wheat taste. GALLIANO L’APERITIVO: it is the new entry in the bitter panorama, made by Galliano. It has a fresh taste, with distinctive marks of Mediterrean citrus fruits, which are bounded with gentle herbal shades. It is a unique ‘amaro’, and its recipe includes Mediterrean citrus fruits extracts and infusions, such as oranges, bergamot, bitter oranges, chinotto, mandarin oranges and grapefruits.