La parola alle aziende21 March 2017

During Vinitaly Speri will present the first vintage of ORGANIC Valpolicella DOC classico superiore RIPASSO

During Vinitaly 2017 Speri will present the first vintage of organic Valpolicella DOC classico superiore Ripasso. After many years of sustainable agriculture, the Speri family obtains organic certification for all the vineyard, so for all the wines Based on the conviction that a wine’s quality is determined in the vineyard, Speri Viticoltori has committed itself over the years to preserving and promoting the fertility of the land while growing exclusively local grapes and preventing some historic varietals from extinction. Also, in the hillside vineyards they have maintained the “marogne”, the historic stone walls, in order to preserve the balance of the land. The company gave ever great importance to consumer safety and in last years decided to take a further step forward quality; after conversion phase, from 2015 all the production is organic. The ultimate goal is getting as close as possible to a naturally balanced agricultural ecosystem by implementing practices that combine a knowledge of ecology, plant physiology, biochemistry and insect behavior. Examples are leaving permanent grass over the entire vineyard area (thus ensuring the presence of organic substances), and composting the residues from pruning and vinification, that restores part of its by-products into the environment. Another important practice is to control the main insect that does harm to the vines, the European grapevine moth, by means of the modern technique of sexual confusion. All Speri’s wines show low sulfite levels, thanks to the accurate job done in the vineyards, in the vinification process and at the winery. The healthier the grapes are at the origin, with few bacteria, the less sulfites it is necessary to add, which also allows to preserve the original flavors and scents of the wine.