La parola alle aziende07 April 2017


Dal Bello, after 50 years of story, conquers the world with CELEBER. The venetian winery organized a vertical tasting of their Prosecco Extra Brut . Antonio Dal Bello says: “in this bottle you can find our passion”. Dal Bello winery is located in the heart of Asolo. The family has been producing wine for the last 50 years. The latest product is a Prosecco Extra Brut called CELEBER: a real sparkling treasure. CELEBER is an Extra Brut dry version of the classic Prosecco. Dal Bello produces it on Sant’Anna hill, more than 250 meters above sea level. “This wine was born from a mixture of courage and caranto, our lean soil. We had the intuition of reducing sugar levels in order to exalt CELEBER terroir” says Mario Dal Bello. It is the first Extra Brut Prosecco, a dry version of the classic Prosecco. Prosecco is a real phenomenon impacting on Venetian economics. Professionals and lovers are starting to drive their attention on the “secret” wine of Asolo. Avepa, the regional entity in charge of harvests monitoring, published the last statistics about 2016. 126.000 quintals of Glera grape have been transformed in Prosecco bottles. 8 millions of bottles have been sold. Sales growth corresponds to +569% from 2013. “CELEBER represents the new way of drinking ” says Antonio Dal Bello. “it is a sapid dry wine. It smells like elder, apple tree and white wisteria. This wine could talk about the love for the territory and its tradition.” CELEBER has already conquered Europe, Suisse and it is about to reach USA and Canada. In 2015 CELEBER won an important award: the silver medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Vinitaly is almost here (Verona 9-11 April) and it will be the place to be. Dal Bello organized a vertical tasting of their Prosecco Extra Brut. The aim of the event is to make people celebrate a wine able to tell everything about a land. Press is invited on Monday 10/04 Pavilion 5 Stand 1. The event will be host by Alessandro Scorsone. A unique occasion for taste and passion of our 3 years of vinification and 50 years of history. Restricted entrance to press. Booking at: ; Phone: 0423 949015 Press Office: Velvet Media