La parola alle aziende07 April 2017


Ciù Ciù winery (Offida, AP, the Marche region), led by Bartolomei family, will be present at Vinitaly 2017 with a renewed and larger stand, maintaining the same elegant aesthetics of the precious years and hosting professionals, gastronoms, buyers, sommeliers and wine experts inside this new refined, familiar, comfortable location. During Vinitaly 51st edition (Verona), visitors will have the opportunity to taste Ciù Ciù organic wines at the new position: Hall 7 (dedicated to the Marche region), Stand B7. OFFIDA ROSSO DOC ESPERANTO RED WINE AND MERLETTAIE BRUT SPARKLING WINE In 2017 Ciù Ciù winery will focus on two labels especially, which will be protagonists of prestigious events with famous chefs and exclusive fashion, design, art dates, in addition to elegant soirées. Merlettaie Brut sparkling wine (Pecorino variety) and Esperanto Offida D.O.C. Rosso red wine are both organic products, proposed in the elegant and classy Magnum version too. Merlettaie Brut has a white and creamy froth, a deep straw-yellow colour with green shades and a thin perlage. The scent expresses an aroma of yeast with grassy and hawthorn blossoms perfumes. Its fresh almond’s flavour is agreeable and soft to the palate. Esperanto Offida D.O.C. Rosso combines rich, strong and deep territorial roots with international, elegant and refined suggestions. Montepulciano and Cabernet grapes varieties are carefully grown and purely wine made in selected oak barrels for an ageing of 24 months and 12 months in bottles. LOCAL VINEYARDS: Passerina and Pecorino grape varieties are local vineyards of the Marche region and represent a keyword in Ciù Ciù production. Pecorino Merlettaie Offida D.O.C.G. and Evoè Marche I.G.P. Passerina are two of the most appreciated wines in Italy and abroad, together with Gotico Rosso Piceno Superiore D.O.P. These three wines, in fact, represent the best and authentic expression of the company’s commitment and tradition, both characteristics of Piceno hills. CIÙ CIÙ “BACCHUS” RED WINE ON FORBES: ONE OF THE BEST 10 EUROPEAN WINES Forbes, one of the most prestigious and influential American magazines, published a list of the ten best European wines by the price of under $ 20: among them Ciù Ciù Bacchus Rosso Piceno D.O.P. red wine. Bacchus (2015) was appreciated by the famous critic journalist Nick Passmore, who chose this organic wine praising its high quality and describing its organoleptic characteristics. The American expert also noticed the curiosity around the name of the winery: Ciù Ciù. Ciù Ciù at Vinitaly: Hall 7, Stand B7