La parola alle aziende06 April 2017

Campo alle Comete presents Stupore 2015, first interpretation of Bolgheri DOC by Feudi di San Gregorio’s new Tuscan wine estate

Stupore 2015 marks the start of a brand-new adventure for this Bolgheri-based winery that represents, for almost a year now, the expansion into the Maremma area of Tuscany by Feudi di San Gregorio. The wine is a Bolgheri DOC blend of lots of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot that were vinified by the former owner and assembled by the new Campo alle Comete team headed by Managing Director Jeanette Servidio and assisted by winemaking consultant Stefano Di Blasi. Both of these professionals have worked for many years in this internationally-renowned winegrowing area, eloquent testimony to Feudi’s determination to take full, and respectful, advantage of the wealth of winegrowing expertise that Bolgheri represents. Stupore will be followed, in early spring 2017, by a Vermentino, a Rosé, and a monovarietal Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine-lovers will have to wait at least until 2018, however, to savour the Bolgheri Superiore DOC, which will bear the name of the winery. Campo alle Comete is planning a limited wine portfolio. Its 15 hectares of vineyards, when they reach full production, will yield in the vicinity of 120,000 bottle per year, with Stupore the largest-production component. The current 2015 vintage, which is immediately-approachable, appealingly smooth, and full-favoured, is an invitation to experience the prestigious Bolgheri denomination in a manner free of hyperbole and awe. That invitation is already suggested by the dream-like, allusive name of the winery: Campo alle Comete, or Estate of the Comets; it is actually a local place-name rediscovered by Feudi di San Gregorio, but its adoption is certainly meant to intrigue, to lend an air of magic and attraction to a spot in the very heart of an area marked by so many formidably-gated entrances. And then there is that charged name, Stupore, and the image on the label of a little girl being borne aloft by her balloon into the starry firmament. A winery that gazes at the comets needed, of course, an imaginative label, which in both this case and for the wines to follow is a detail from a painting by Nicoletta Ceccoli, an artist from San Marino whose illustrations for children have won her world-wide renown. Feudi di San Gregorio President Antonio Capaldo commissioned the artwork, which depicts the wine estate as viewed by the artist, a world that is enchanted, suspended, in which earth, sky, and sea interact with each other, and where butterflies, fish, seahorses, and children with long tresses cavort, freed from the constrictions of gravity. *** Campo alle Comete was purchased in February 2016 by Feudi di San Gregorio, which has become the iconic producer in the winemaking renaissance in southern Italy and the embodiment of a wine culture intent on the rediscovery of the most authentic flavours of the Mediterranean. Owned by the Capaldo family, the wine estate boasts some 300 hectares of vineyards, as well as the multi-starred Marennà restaurant. Feudi di San Gregorio also includes DUBL, a collection of Campanian classic-method sparkling wines; Basilisco in Basilicata; Ognissole in Puglia and Tenuta Biodinamica Cefalicchio in the area of Castel del Monte; and Tenuta di Manduria in Sava (TA). The winery has enjoyed a partnership for several years now with the Friulan Sirch winery, in the Colli Orientali zone, and with Federico Graziani, for the production of Etna DOC wines.