La parola alle aziende04 April 2017


The research and training center project Sanguis Jovis was born from the desire of increasing and spreading the culture of Sangiovese. The presentation will be at Vinitaly, April 9 at 3PM, at the stand of Castello Banfi (Hall 9 / D6) (Montalcino, March 31st, 2017) - The Banfi Foundation promots the Sanguis Jovis project, a research and training center of excellence on Sangiovese. The High Educational School of Sangiovese, whose goal is to increase and spread the culture of this variety, will help to give to Montalcino a further, and innovative, distinctive positioning factor in the wine world, both internationally and nationally. President of Sanguis Jovis is Professor Attilio Scienza of the University of Milan, Scientific Director is Professor Alberto Mattiacci from University La Sapienza of Rome, both members of the Scientific Committee of the Banfi Foundation. The center's program is conducted primarily through three lines of complementary activities that are the scientific research, with the design and management of experimental projects; the higher education, with courses and seminars for a new wine culture, targeting both recent graduates that people already employed in the wine segment; the communication of knowledge, through informational materials. The project will be fully described at Vinitaly, during a press conference scheduled for Sunday, April 9 at 3PM, at the Castello Banfi stand (Hall 9 / D6). Interested journalists are kindly invited to participate. In this occasion will also be presented the first edition of the Sanguis Jovis Summer School, that will be held at OCRA Scuola Permanente dell’Abitare (Via Boldrini 4, Montalcino), from 25th to 30th September 2017, with the theme: Sangiovese 4.0, scientific and cultural innovation for the Sangiovese in the world. For information please contact: Lorella Carresi - PR & Communication Manager - Banfi e-mail: - tel .: 0577 840 111 Web site: - - Instagram: Banfi Vini