La parola alle aziende01 April 2017

Az.Agr. Torti " The Wine's Elegance " presents its EXCELLENCE at Vinitaly 2017 " HELLO KITTY WINES , PINOT NOIR ... and more "

The Torti "L'Eleganza el Vino" Family Estate in Montecalvo Versiggia is a reality, active since 1910, which makes the family a strength. Dino company's owner and "strategist" of the philosophies of the Winery is engaged in production of wines and sparkling wines of quality, on the respect of the tradition and terroir; Flanked from the wife Giusy and the daughters Patrizia and Laura that contribute to the constant evolution of the company, thanks to their happy, and typically feminine intuition ... as the prestigious collaboration established with Sanrio for wine production and distribution Hello Kitty Wines: a selection of fine wines and sparkling wines that have fused "the Elegance of the wine" to the fashion world, spreading the wine company name well beyond national borders. The Torti family is dedicated to the production of quality wines, from the cultivation of the vines to the details of production and packaging to make know their wines, especially Pinot Noir produced in its various "types" and "facets": vinified in red, aged in barriques, vinified in white, rosé still and sparkling wine. Company pride is also the production of Barbera, Chardonnay and typical Bonarda exclusively DOC. On the occasion of Vinitaly 2017 Az. Torti is pleased to invite you to taste their wines and sparkling wines in combination with the classic snack Varzese - Salame di Varzi DOP and bread "Miccone" - provided by the Malaspina Castle of Varzi, a reality reopened two years ago with the goal of promoting the area Oltrepò from a cultural point of view, tourism and, above all, food and wine. At Stand B3 Oltrepò Pavese it will also feature the Farm Educational Farm Cà de Figo, Varzi always, who will present the "healthy and good" to live in contact with nature: the quality you choose in small details and " tastes " accompanied by a good wine. We wait you to toast the new vintages and introduce ns. news Az. Agr. Torti " The Wine's Elegance " Stand B3 in Lombardy -Oltrepò Pavese