La parola alle aziende01 April 2017

Az. Agr. "TORTI The Wine's Elegance: DOLCE VITA WINE " HEALTHY TASTE "

Dolce Vita Pinot Nero is the result of the partnership between Dolce Vita and the Family Estate Torti “L’Eleganza del Vino”, whose name is a synonym and guarantee of wine and champagne manufacturing quality. Many doctors recommend a glass of wine a day because it’s good for your health. Vitis vinifera grapes’ alcoholic fermentation result, skillfully processed and variously aged according to ancient traditions developed by modern Enology, is a unique cornerstone in the Mediterranean diet. Amongst the precious phenolic antioxidants supplied by grapes we find resveratrol, responsible for the so-called "French paradox": people who drink red wine have a lower mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases despite their high saturated fats diet. Furthermore, wine is a real beauty elixir. “Dolce Vita Pinot Nero”, in particular, was born from a test project on Italian grapes, aimed at identifying those with the highest resveratrol content, thus able to contrast free radicals’ aging process. Dolce Vita Pinot Nero behaves as an antioxidant, showing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory features. Dolce Vita is not only wine, but also a synonym of healthy food. Dolce Vita aims at promoting an healthy lifestyle based on SuperSalute philosohy and its three pillars: nutrition, physical activity, positive thinking. All Dolce Vita products main features are: low glycemic index, richness in fiber and antioxidants, absence of salt, sugar, white flour and animal proteins. From functional chocolates to super-juices, through protein snacks and antioxidant flours with low glycemic index, every product helps us being thinner, healthier, stronger. We wait you to toast the new vintages and introduce ns. news Az. Agr. Torti " The Wine's Elegance " Stand B3 in Lombardy -Oltrepò Pavese *