La parola alle aziende28 March 2017

At Vinitaly 2017, la cantina Pizzolato shows the new labels of sulphites free wines

The appointment with the International Exhibition of Wine gets back in April from 9 to 12 and this year the stand of the Cantina Pizzolato will show you the new labels of the line of wines with no sulfites: Cabernet, Merlot, Rosso Convento and Prosecco without sulfites whose packaging has been enhanced with natural, recycled, and certified label and where the dragonfly is the symbol of purity of a pristine place that has always characterized the vineyards of the organic winery in Villorba. The quality and taste of the entire line reflect the freshness and purity of the label. The line is very popular in the American market features where is having the most success: “After a trip to the United States, together with our importer, we returned believe to the winery we can offer a wine without sulfites that with the the USDA Organic certification, the America defines 100% organic – we immediately felt a nice added value to give our international Merlot and Cabernet grapes. Thanks to this choice and quality achievements we are now one of the best known organic wineries in the US thanks to important windows that excel in the organic sector” said Sabrina Rodelli, sales manager of Pizzolato winery.