La parola alle aziende07 April 2017


Astoria celebrates its 30 years presenting three new wines at Vinitaly:a red one and two brand new sparkling wines. Monday, April 10 at 12:00 will be presented the official bottle if the 100° Giro d’Italia Hall 4, booth G8 Astoria is a wine company based in Refrontolo, near Treviso. Founded in 1987, today it’s one of the biggest brands in the world of Prosecco, with a turnover of 40 million Euros and 55 thousand tons of grapes vinified every year. In 2017 it is celebrating its 30th anniversary with three new wines that look beyond the success of Prosecco to showcase the huge potential of the local area. Official Wine of the Giro d’Italia The 2017 is an important year for cycling lovers. The edition of the “Giro d’Italia”, which will start on May 5 from Alghero, is in fact the number 100. A milestone that will be celebrated for the sixth consecutive year with Astoria Wines. For this occasion Astoria has prepared a special cuvée, in an elegant bottle for collectors. The first bottle of the Giro will be officially uncorked at the Astoria stand Monday, April 10 at 12:00 ASTORIA NEW WINES 2017: El Ruden – Rosso Veneto IGT As well as exceptional sparkling wines, the Treviso hills are a great place to make rich, nuance-filled reds. Astoria has decided to fill a gap in its selection by making a substantial new red wine. It harmoniously fuses the structure of the Cabernet and Merlot in traditional Bordeaux blends with the elegance of Pinot Nero and the softness of partially dried Marzemino. The latter is the most distinctive feature of the new Ruden, which encapsulates the wonders of outstanding but niche traditional production systems that Astoria has always strived to keep alive. The grapes are still left to dry naturally on the Astoria Estate, just a stone’s throw from the vineyards where they are picked. Maceration takes place during the fermentation process in steel tanks. It is followed by 8 months of ageing in barriques to enrich the wine with spicy notes. “El Ruden” means “Rust” in Veneto dialect and the graphics and colours on the label embody the concept. It stems from the metaphorical sense of understated durability encapsulated by agricultural tools and implements, which can withstand everything the elements throw at them. This wine pays tribute to its place of origin. On the label there is a reference to the map of the local area, with the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the Astoria Wines Estate. The bottle makes sure its home is never forgotten. “Cuvée Honor” Astoria 30th Anniversary Sparkling Venezia DOC The fruity fragrance and drinkability of Prosecco are the cornerstones of its success worldwide, but Astoria has decided to offer something more by complementing these qualities with new aromas. Therefore, it has blended Glera with a significant amount of Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco, which really bring out the best of the extra dry sparkling wine by giving it greater longevity, elegance and structure. The refinement starts with the delicate outline of the bottle, which is shaped like a flower or a wine glass and calls to mind the “V” for Venice, thus underlining its status as a Venezia DOC wine. Astoria has a Sparkling Prosecco selection that makes a number of references to the city and the Republic of Venice. They are reproduced here in all of the details, including the originally shaped label that manages to pack numerous exquisite features into its slender form, such as decorations based on the flag of the Saint Mark and the winged lion. Meanwhile, the triple X with the tricolour is the symbol that the company has chosen to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The name “Honor” emphasizes the fact that the company is proud and honoured to have reached such an important milestone. The motto “El tempo xe oro” is in the local dialect and it means “Time is golden”. The idea is to encourage people to look beyond the celebrations and into the near future. “Cuvée Honor” Astoria 30th Anniversary Sparkling Venezia DOC Rosé Having been rediscovered by connoisseurs as an excellent choice for everything from aperitifs to desserts, Rosé is experiencing impressive growth. Astoria has decided to present an idiosyncratic take on the wine by drawing on the riches of its homeland and combining a little Pinot Nero with a grape that really comes into its own along the Piave River: Raboso. Honor Rosé is an extra dry wine. A rational approach to maceration brings out the most suitable aspects of the grapes for making sparkling rosé and finds the right balance between weight and polish. Honor Rosé and its white counterpart share the same bottle, which is delicately shaped like a flower or a wine glass and calls to mind the “V” in Venice.