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Verona will be home 31 March - 2 April to the Vinitaly International Wine Award 2017.

Founded 24 years ago with the aim of rewarding and stimulating efforts by wine-makers investing in continuous product quality improvements, over time the Award has become an excellent tool for marketing and promotion wine on international markets, an assurance for international buyers as regards the quality of new wines distributed on markets but as yet perhaps still not widely known.

The chosen date - shortly before the inauguration of VINITALY - is also strategic from marketing point of view since it enables companies to present new products with the awards they have won.

Why take part?
For companies, winning awards means being able to rely on an important promotional image all year round as well as assurance of the quality of the company's wines and production. Vinitaly is organizing numerous initiatives in Italy and around the world in order for buyers and wine lovers to get to know the winning wines.

What the New Wine Award Fresees:

  • There will be a further qualification of the panel of judges, with commissions comprising experts of the highest international calibre, recognised experience and impressive credibility, each of whom shall assess wines from a particular production region. The new formula will ensure wine-makers taking part from all wine-producing countries will benefit from assessments supported by the direct knowledge of the type of the wine being assessed and valid promotional support for winning new customers in various markets.
  • The introduction of scoring by hundredths to meet the growing interest in having an immediate conversion of the assessment of a wine into an understandable score for the public at large. The use of this hundredths system also change the award assignment system. There will no longer be Grand Gold Medals, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Special Mentions but only an acknowledgement of wines achieving or exceeding a score of 90 hundredths.
  • For the exhibitors at the Viniternatial Pavilion at Vinitaly 2017, there is a discounted price for the first two wines that are enter into the Award. Vinitaly is becoming even more international. Discover the pavillion.


Participation is reserved to the following categories: still wines, semi-sparkling wines, sparkling wines and aromatized wines (only for 5 Star Wines Award) with Denominations of Origins and geographical indications (or quality wines regarding to sparkling wines).

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